Hambo was a flash game featuring a cute pig shooting a lot of weapons, it was primarily a puzzle game. The flash game was published by notDoppler, which was well received going on to be played 10+million times. The game was then sold to miniclip where they produced an updated version of the game for both ios and android phones and tablets.

The above images are all screenshots from the flash versions of the game, it also spawned the sequel “hamtouchables”, which was a gangster themed version of the same game with a few gameplay tweaks. The game also had a level editor where players could generate their own levels, and we collected around quarter of a million user generated levels.

The above was miniclips trailer for the mobile version of the game, it launched in 2011 and had over 5 million downloads across both stores, at one point being the #2 game on the app store in the US and UK !

All the artwork for the flash version of the games.
Levels and the game concept/design.
php/Mysql code for the user generated levels.